We’ve added a wild life page for some bird spotting !

How many have you seen?

Seen a bird and don’t know what it is? Send a picture to info@bbqdowns.com and we’ll help identify it.

Halloween 2018

Halloween Movies In The Park
26 October @17:30

Kids will meet in the park @ 17:30. We will start walking through the suburb at 18:30 following the designated route past all the Trick or Treat tables (Hosted by the Complexes) and end in the park again.

We are going big this year, more details will follow shortly.

We will have food vendors available during the evening and a movie in the Park, so the entire family can join.

Thank you for all the complexes that are hosting a table. It is not too late, if your complexes would like to host a Trick or Treat table please contact us on info@bbqdowns.com.

We will also be having a “best dressed” table competition between the complexes.



What is Barbeque Downs Community doing for you?

Here is a short description of the daily activities of the voluntary community. Although funds get collected from the residents in the area for upgrades, clean-ups etc, the members freely volunteer their time to attend meetings and perform the following tasks on behalf of the residents:

  • Report potholes, road signs, traffic lights faded/missing road markings;
  • Report crime/suspicious suspects, accidents, fires, etc;
  • Report electricity, water outages and revert info to residents via Twitter and Facebook;
  • Request for grass to be cut, pruning of trees and staking of trees (City Parks or Barbeque Downs provides the funds where required);
  • Apply for upgrades to services in the area like Telkom, Eskom, Street lights (Erected recently in suburb), tarring, fibre optics, widening/resurfacing of Main, new intersection at Jubie Road and booming off;
  • Monitor all building activity, ensure building compliance and prevent any unauthorised/illegal buildings to be erected. (E.g. a few developments were stopped due to incorrect high density housing being built without any approval from municipality! This would have had a very negative effect on property values in the entire area.);
  • Establishing two Wetland public parks for the residents’, one at the corner of Jubie and Candican and the other at the corner of Kipling and Candican road.
  •  Employ people to collect litter in the area. We collect as much as 12 orange bags per week!
  •  Submit comments and suggestions on behalf of all residents to the council and follow up;
  • Manage and maintain the community Facebook page, Whatsapp group, Twitter and website regularly with events, news and general information;
  • Send emails pertaining to the area to all complexes managing agents and chairpersons. If you would like to be added to this group and/or don’t receive the information from your managing agents, please send your request to environment@bbqdowns.com
  • Erected sign boards on the corner of Shakespeare and Main Road and another on Malindi Road with the community details; and
  • Actively involved and represent owners at the monthly CPF meetings.
    On request, we attend annual complex AGM’s to update all residents on initiatives and happenings.